Our Heritage :

Our story began back in 2013. In everything we do, we are always aligned to our Mission: ‘Specialists in the sourcing and exporting of all types of cars from the UK to France’.

We specialise in classic and sports vehicles to both private clients and car dealers. Since Brexit we have become the industry leader in France and the only company able to manage the full export process!

If we are getting in touch with you today, it is because we have already been instructed by a French client to inspect, purchase, collect and deliver a vehicle you have advertised for sale.

Cars exported by Gocarz from the UK to France

Selling a car for export can be stressful and difficult particularly when the buyer is based overseas. Gocarz® are a proven and professional company and our services will offer you solutions which will give you peace of mind and a memorable experience. See below for more info on the sale / purchase process.

Clément D.
Step 1
Initial Contact
We will contact the private seller or dealer on behalf of our French customer because the vehicle advertised matches their search criteria. Before viewing the vehicle, we require as much detail as possible regarding it’s history. We will need to check copies of maintenance/service records and photos, including any major cosmetic imperfections.
Step 1
Step 2
Visual inspection
We visit the seller and inspect the vehicle for any noticeable cosmetic damage or mechanical issues. Please note this technical inspection will be for a duration of 1 hour minimum. We transmit the result of this inspection directly to the French customer.
Step 2
Step 3
Decision of the French client and deposit
The French client reviews our report – this can take a day or two to receive back their final decision. We will then send you a deposit pending full payment of the vehicle.
Step 3
Step 4
Final payment and collection
Since Brexit, the rules have changed for exporting vehicles to the EU. Customs procedures have to be completed for the export of the vehicle and once this process is in place, we will arrange for the vehicle to be collected from your premises. You will receive the full outstanding balance of payment before collection. Neither Gocarz or our driver will ask you to pay anything !
Step 4

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